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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Jays Booter v5.2

[+] Has 690 WORKING shells with 250+ private shells in it
[+] Has multi-threaded booting
[+] Host to IP Feature
[+] Ability to refresh the shells
[+] Ability to clear your internets cache (sends commands faster)
[+] Ability to boot multiple sites (sometimes even big ones)
[+] It can boot anyones internet
[+] A site/IP pinger
[+] Chose what port to attack on
[+] Shell Rotation (in the HUB)
[+] Uses a HUB AND seperate shells
[+] Protection against dissassemblers
[+] Alot of dedi servers that I made myself
[+] No time limit on booting
[+] Powerful booting
[+] A random about box
[+] A great working cookie/cache cleaner to speed up your attack
[+] Booting history (Recent IPs you have attacked)
[+] Option to choose a preset port

Update v5.2 Wrote:
Added around 250 brand new shells, all hard hitting!

Added extra, important information in the about box, fixed the glitch where it wouldn't close when you clicked "OK"

Here is you Booter

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